Let's send these young people to university!!!

The cure to cancer or AIDS might be inside of the mind of a person who can't afford an education

Join us and send 5 students to college this year! Education, especially education for girls, is so important. Girls in the Philippines marry as young as 15 years old because their immediate families cannot afford to take care of them anymore and they also can't afford to send them to school. I, Khanyisa Mnyaka co-founder of Agape Love Foundation, am living proof that education can truly open doors. Coming from a small town in South Africa where we barely had enough food to eat, by my family's sacrifices I was able to get a college education, gain employment, and now I can help support my family. Realizing the importance of helping people like myself break free from poverty, I co-founded Agape Love Foundation. Education changed my world, I have been able to travel and work abroad and give back to the communities that I find myself in. Now we're in the Philippines and we're asking for your help to give these young people the chance to break free from poverty!

For only $400-$1800 USD/student/year we can send Lovely, Hannah, Grace, Mesach, and Flormen to school this year!

Hear their stories:

This is Lovely (in the green tank top), that's her name :-) and her younger sister, Hanna Faith. Faith is a first year student in Business Management and Lovely is studying Tourism at Palawan University. They LOVE K-pop (Korean Pop Music) and they share a dream of going to Korea one day! Their father is a tricycle driver and makes 300 pesos ($6.63) a day and their mother is a stay at home mom to five kids (four girls and one boy). Their parents have been relying on micro finances to pay for their daughters' tuition. They currently have two loans each with an interest of 8 % that only cover a portion of the girls expenses. You gotta respect these two for doing everything they can to educate their girls in a country that tells them that that is not necessary!


Grace Hinay is sixteen years old and is one of six children. She is a first year student at Western Philippines University majoring in Hospitality Management. She chose this course because she believes she'll be able to get a job quickly when she graduates and with El Nido's growing tourism industry, she has a good point. Grace, who carries herself with so much grace, informed us that when she graduates, she wants to help her family. "It's hard for my parents to pay for me and my older sister who is also in college. I want to get a job so that I can help them with my two younger sisters who are in high school". Her father, Marcial Hinay works at the municipality as a heavy equipment operator worker earning exactly 7, 752 pesos ($173) per month and her mother, Maricel Hinay, works at the community co-operative restaurant earning 3000 pesos ($66) per month. Grace started university last month and her parents were only able to pay a deposit of $11. With your support we can ensure that Grace has the financial resources to stay in school and complete this year. 


Mesach D. Lanojan is 19 years old and he wants to get a degree in Hospitality and Management from the Western Philippines University. Mesach graduated from high school three years ago, but because his mother and step-father couldn't afford to send him to college, he ended up working as a contracter in one of the hotels in El Nido. He is a baker :-). This is where he fell in love with the tourism industry and his long term goal is to become a chef. When asked what he wants to do after he graduates, he said "I want to buy a house for my mother. The house we live in now is not ours, we are just the caretakers and can be kicked out any time. I also want to help take care of my nephews and nieces".


Flormen Alora Maraguinot, is the second younges of four children. She is studying Criminology at Western Philippines University. Flormen's father died a few years ago leaving Mrs Maraguinot to singly parent four kids. Mrs Marguinot is a cook at a local restaurant earning 400 pesos ($8.88) a day. When we asked Flormen why she's studying Criminology, she responded "I want to be a police woman so that I can take care of my mother. I also want people to know that not all Filipino police can be bribed". This scholarship will help lighten the load on Flormen's mother who has worked tirelessly to put all of her children through school. Together we can help Flormen become the upstanding policewomen she dreams of becoming. 


Donation processing:
All donations will be received by Agape Love Foundation, a 501(c)3 humanitarian corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. Agape Love Foundation is dedicated to empowering people to bring themselves out of poverty through transformational education and sustainable livelihood development. For US donors, all donations are tax deductible. 

Scholarship distribution:
Tuition and fees will be paid directly to the students universities. Since Flormen is living far from home her boarding expenses will be paid directly to her boarding house and she will receive a monthly stipend to cover her food costs. 

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